Today, the company has its sights set on the international market, in which it represents a centre of excellence for the creation of finished and semi-finished products tied to the energy sector.

  • 1949

    San Giorgio Seigen S.p.A traces its origins back to the successive transformations of the first Company founded in 1949 by Mario Grimaudo, who, together with a new class of entrepreneurs equipped with enthusiasm and a great spirit of sacrifice, contributed to Italy's "reconstruction" in the post-war era.
  • 1974

    The favorable Company dynamism brought to the purchase of a larger industrial area, a key element for the implementation of the increased activities.
  • 1986

    Establishment of a new Company and growth of activities linked to industrial carpentry; constitution of the Sandblasting and Paintworks Department.
  • 1995

    The headquarters and factory moved to a spacious area in the Genova Campi neighborhood, close to the motorway entrances and to the commercial seaport.
  • 2001

    Beginning of the activity of manufacturing of outer and exhaust casings for gas turbines.
  • 2010

    Its corporate development strategies led San Giorgio Seigen to continue its expansion into new business areas to create and integrate a range of products and services that qualify the Company as a key partner for providing plant design solutions in the industrial sector. With this in mind, in 2010, the Company's well-established partnerships with other manufacturing Companies of various origins enabled the establishment of an associated working group in the Service and Machining Department.
  • 2012

    A new division, focused on the design & construction of heat exchangers, pressure vessels and components made of stainless steel, carbon steel, and various alloys, was established.

    The significant investments made in recent years and the continuous and targeted increase of operational resources make San Giorgio Seigen one of the most versatile, dynamic businesses of the Italian industry panorama.
Today's business is structured so as to ensure comprehensive services for its customers, from initial project development to fine-tuning orders to final testing.
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